About Shelley Holmes


I'm Shelley Holmes. I  live on the beautiful Gold Coast Australia. Weather-wise it's a cross between California and Florida.

Born in 1960 I'm amazingly delighted that I'm in my 'senior years' and feeling fabulous. It feels that life is just tipping me into the brink of my potential!

I certainly didn't feel that way throughout my 50s. In fact, I was living pretty miserably. But it was the collision of my turning 60 in 2020, COVID and reading the book "The 100 Year Life" that saw me take stock of my life and make the decision it was time to transform.

Because if I was going to live another 35+ years, then I wanted them to be delightful not difficult! I decided what I want for myself and to share with others who are interested is:

Reclaiming The Youthful Feeling - Loving The Age I Am!

A bit about what I want to share with you

Regardless of whether the number in front of your age is a 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8, feeling healthy, vital, alive, enriched throughout your entire life is what you want right?

So get set to discover the tools and mindsets that positively influence aging:

  • Skincare which enables you to look as young as you feel
  • Eating a diet that is tasty and life fuelling
  • Living a healthy lifestyle
  • Living with a joyful mindset
  • Having multiple careers that delight you through to your 80s
  • Securing your financial freedom

A bit about my family life

I live with my daughter Connor who is a glorious 25-year old (and according to the research she is probably going to live well beyond 105 years!) She is an absolute delight and I marvel at watching her becoming all that she is capable of.

We also have Scruffy our wonder dog (who himself is in his elder years, but he certainly doesn't realise it), and Meelos our feline terrorist! They both bring much joy to our lives. 

Sadly no partner at the moment ... but I'm sure he and I are meant to discover each other some time soon 🙂

A bit about my professional life

I work from home running several online businesses.

In 2001 I launched my own leadership development business (after many years working for large multi-nationals such as Colgate-Palmolive as a People & Culture Leader - (yep that was my title way back in 1993 - which suggests to you how advanced we were in terms of high-performance).

When I launched the Make A Dent Leadership business, I knew that the internet was the way to build my business and after spending thousands of dollars getting people to build websites for me ... that didn't work ... I finally stumbled onto SoloBuildIt! Since then my life has taken another turn, and today I'm not doing as much face-to-face leadership development work.

Instead my focus is on building websites that generate income for myself.

It's amazing how life can twist and turn when you stay open to new opportunities.

Another pivot I have taken, since beginning this Transform Years project is that I have become an affiliate for Nuskin. This company is at the leading-edge of research into anti-aging skincare products and supplements that help slow down our genetic aging. The more deeply I become involved in the company, the more I am thrilled to be able to present their products to family and friends and potential clients. 

It's 20 steps from my bedroom to my office, which, I've learnt can be a blessing and a nightmare!

Generally, I work less than 20 hours each week. And the wonderful thing is that it can be at any hour that suits me. If I'm awake at 2.00 am then I can work. If I want to ride my horse at 2.00 pm then that's fine too. In fact it's 1.00 pm and I've just arrived back from morning tea and the movies with a girlfriend.

A bit about my hobbies

My hobbies are reading, horse-riding, travelling to experience new things and meet new people, spending time with friends, sailing, going to the gym and writing. I am into spirituality - no particular religion - but each day focus on living an as aligned life as I can.

I'm a nerd in that I love to research ... which is why since reading The 100 Year Life, I've gone on to read several other books and research articles on longevity, genetics, and anti-aging. I love consuming information, then passing it on in a way that is hopefully easy for you to absorb. 

I'm in love with my life, and I hope I inspire you to be in love with yours too

Thinking about what I've written on the page, I am so very lucky. I'm in a most wonderful place: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Is life perfect? Of course not, there's plenty of challenges (as Tony Robbins says - if you don't have challenges you are dead!) ... but is it delightful? ABSOLUTELY!

When asked how I am, I always respond with a heart-felt 'Terrific! And getting better'

I do hope that what I share on my website touches you and enables you to align with your potential and further enhance your life so that you too live with ....

Passionate Joy for Life

Embracing Your Age

Replenishing Your Youthful Feelings

Warmest wishes

Shelley Holmes