Living Longer - that's going to happen.  Living longer younger .... that's a choice!

You've got some work to do if you want to be a THRIVER rather than a Dreamer!

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In most areas of your life you are living in a happy bubble. Unfortunately, that’s been because of good luck more than good design! Most of the world would say you are successful … but your scores suggest that you may be in for a rude shock as you age. 

A dreamer is someone who is loving life and yet isn't really taking much care of the future. They are hoping that their bright outlook on life will carry them through, when in fact they may be in for a rude awakening. At some point, their blow a wish in the air (much like taking a lottery ticket) attitude will likely not reap the results they had hoped. Which means a life not as bright as they may have desired.

You need to take a good hard look at taking care of both the tangible and intangible assets that make for a life well-lived.

  • Relationship Health
  • Physical Health
  • Attitude & Mindset Health
  • Career Health
  •  Financial Health

Once you’ve reviewed your success levels in each of these areas you need to decide if you want to toss the optimism coin in the air and hope it lands in your square. Or if you need to start to be more proactive about the choices you are making.  

Join us in the FREE Midlife Reimagining Webinar Series

Because one thing is for sure, if you don’t start making some changes now, you are going to have many regrets in the back-half of your life.

These are the attributes we use to describe a Dreamer:

  • Resigned to "ill health" occurring as you age
  • Propped up by pills and visits to the Doctor
  • Blaming others for your circumstances (Relationships, Health, Career, Finances)
  • Worry and pessimism about the future
  • Doubtful that you would want to live a 100-year life ... as it doesn't sound/look like fun
  • Money is tight, so you must live a frugal life, limiting your choices
  • Projecting an "I'm alright/living the dream" attitude, but on the inside you are disheartened, unhappy and resigned to what life throws at you
  • Groundhog Day - each year looks much the same as the previous

These are the attributes we use to describe a Thriver:

  • Passionate about and loving life
  • Great relationships, both personal and professional that are life-giving and meaningful
  • Has reasons to get out of bed every day with a smile
  • Thriving and making a positive contribution (Career/Community)
  • Has a wellbeing mindset - taking good care of both mental and physical health
  • Positive mindset and expectations toward life and becoming an elder
  • Financially abundant
  • Fit, healthy, full of vitality, and feeling powerful
  • Living in freedom and independence

You are already realising how fast life travels by …  

and if you don’t change the way you are living, and the expectations you have for life, you are going to be a sad old person, complaining and regretting your lost opportunities. 

If you want your healthspan, contributionspan, joyspan, and youthspan to be as long as your lifespan - then it is time to do a Midlife Reboot.  In 90 days you'll transform your body, mind, and career by using the roadmap you need to live the life you long for. 

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Join us in the FREE Midlife Reimagining Webinar Series

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Join us in the FREE Midlife Reimagining Webinar Series