How to Reduce Stress Naturally

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How often do you find yourself overwhelmed by the stresses of everyday life?

Not getting enough sleep. Finding that your mental focus is slow and your performance is dropping because of it.

Stress, in one form or another, is something that impacts everyone.

Stress comes in many shapes and sizes. 

  • 62% of Americans and 58% of Australians experience money-related stress
  • 73% are stressed about work

Stress can be short-lived (acute) or long-lasting (chronic).

Acute stress is a "flight or fight" response.

Examples of acute stress include facing a deadline at work, seeing police lights in your rearview mirror.

In these types of situation your body produces the stress hormone (cortisol). 

Once a stressful event is over cortisol levels drop and your body calms down. Your body is designed to handle acute stress effectively.

Chronic stress is long term stress and can cause real problems

But long-term (chronic) stress is a different story.

Too much long-term stress can cause real problems ... because too much cortisol is damaging

All these create chronic stress:

  • High-pressure jobs
  • Relationship problems
  • Financial problems
  • Ongoing health challenges

When these types of problems persist or are ignored they can negatively impact your health.

  • Depleting your immune system
  • Increasing your weight and fat tissue
  • Elevating blood pressure and risk of heart disease
  • Decreasing memory and sharpness of thinking

Some ways to reduce stress and priortize your well-being are

  • meditation
  • deep breathing exercises
  • visualization
  • yoga exercise and fresh air
  • eating nutritious foods, in a balanced diet
  • setting yourself up for a full night's sleep by limiting caffeine and alcohol
  • spending time with friends, and in nature
  • reading
  • attending community events.

Supplements can help to reduce stress

Magnolia Bark has been shown to help with anxiety

While Theanine - an amino acid found in the leaves of the green tea plant - can improve relaxation and cognitive performance.

Cortitrol Stress Control Formula contains both these ingredients to help you cope with stress.

Cortitrol works by modulating healthy levels of cortisol to promote normal stress response. 

It improves mental concentration and weight maintenance and enhances feelings of well-being in response to stress

Reduce Stress with Cortitrol

Reduce Stress with Cortitrol

While you can't avoid every source of stress in life, you can better equip yourself to handle that stress as effectively as possible. 

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Who should use this product?

  • Adults suffering with stress, who want to feel calmer and more relaxed
  • Adults who generally get less than eight hours sleep
  • Adults who exercise frequently (often associated with elevated cortisol levels)


  • Regulates cortisol levels
  • Enhanced feelings of wellbeing and control in response to stressful situations
  • Promotes a calming effect
  • Better mental concentration and focus


Take 2 capsules with evening meals. For optimal results take an additional (1) capsule with your morning meal

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