Thanks for offering to create a Testimonial for your TR90 transformation

There are 3 things we'd ask you to do:

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    Watch the video, then add your testimonial using either the video, audio or written bottom at the bottom of the video. 
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    Once you've completed your testimonial, could you also please send us a before and after photo. Please share only something you're happy having appear on social media and websites
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    Scroll down if you want a reminder of what you could include in your testimonial

What to say

The testimonial can be as short or as long as you like. It is your choice as to whether you use video, audio or write. Simply record the video/audio using your phone or computer.

However, before and after photos are crucial to helping others decide to join this life-changing program. So please add these as well. 

Here are some ideas for what you could include in your testimonial. However, don't feel you need to follow these. 

It's far more critical that you share, naturally, your story. Your story will inspire others to get their life into a new shape, not following a script :) 

  • Why and when you started the TR90 program
  • How you felt during the program
  • How you've felt since finishing the program
  • What impact feeling and looking healthier has had on your career/business 
  • Why you'd recommend TR90 to others (e.g. your best friend, sister, brother, parents etc)

Before & After Photo

Please add your before and after photo here. Remember these images will be used on social media and websites. Please only share something you'll be happy seeing placed in the public eye.